Claims Examples and Comments


Executive Health Plans: I just love the product.  The claims paying has been a dream.

A CAPCO Producer

Boating Accident

When I had a boating accident in the Bahamas, your people gave immediate service. They evaluated the little hospital I was in and said they would send me to a more appropriate location for treatment of my spinal injury. They coordinated air transportation and assigned me a nurse who stuck with me the entire time I was in hospital. My only expense was my deductible and incidental expenses.

An EHP Client

Hip Replacement

It’s supposedly a simple operation – hip replacement. Waiting time was going to be a year of pain at home. Going to a US hospital the surgery was done within a week, and my total cost was my deductible and transportation, plus incidental expenses.

An EHP Client

Young Burn Victim

Thank you so much for the goodies you sent Annie when she was burned in February! We were so surprised & pleased! She loved it all, but I think her favourite was the brown spotted dog. That froggie pillow came in handy; and who doesn’t love a little candy & jewelry! Thank you so much!

The Mother of a Client

Evacuation: Kidney Failure 

Let me just thank you so much for helping to make the evacuation go so smoothly. Yesterday there was doubt whether my son would make it from Uganda to Nairobi alive, but with your help he was moved and is receiving the treatment that he so desperately needed. We greatly appreciate all you’ve done.

The Mother of a 1-year-old who had diarrhea
& kidney failure & needed a transfusion


You guys give the greatest service! You’re always there to help when needed.

A CAPCO Producer

Not a Client, but he made a point

Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams: “It’s my health and it’s my choice!” By QMI Agency

In February 2010, Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams had his mitral valve repaired in Florida, sparking a debate in Canada and the U.S. about public health care. Williams told NTV that his doctor recommended he have it done at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami, Fla., where the procedure is minimally invasive.

“The mitral valve is a special surgery,” Williams said. “It’s not a typical open heart surgery where your arteries are replaced … so, they recommended that I look at going outside the province.” Williams said his decision to seek medical attention south of the border did not indicate a lack of confidence in Canada’s or Newfoundland’s health-care system.

“It’s a bum rap for someone to say, ‘You know, Williams doesn’t have confidence in his own health-care system because he had to leave the province.’ Well, I had to leave the province because it was recommended to me by my own doctors that for this particular type of surgery I should leave the province.” Williams recovered in his Florida condo and returned to work in early March.

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