GMI Service and Protection

From routine care to complex case management to emergency medical situations, your client is never far from IMG®’s support services. The Global Medical Insurance® program not only provides flexible coverage, it also provides prompt access to the invaluable international services and IMG resources – regardless of the insured’s location.

Freedom to choose your provider

This program allows the freedom of choice in health care providers, no matter where the insured is located in the world. With open access to health care providers comes improved access to quality care.
Locating a provider – For the insured’s convenience and to help reduce your out-of-pocket expenses, IMG provides access to two extensive provider networks that include established, globally credentialed physicians and hospitals.

  • The independent Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) – when seeking care within the U.S.
  • The International Provider AccessSM (IPA) – when seeking care outside the U.S.

Emergency Medical Treatment

The ability to access quality health care is of paramount importance when a life-threatening medical emergency arises abroad. This program provides important emergency benefits backed by the services of an accredited 24/7/365 clinical staff with over 200 years of combined experience.

  • Emergency Medical Evacuation benefit
  • Return of Mortal Remains benefit
  • Remote Transportation benefit (Platinum plan option)
  • Political Evacuation benefit (Platinum plan option)

Unique medical service: The Medical Concierge program

Whether the insured is seeking care in a local facility or in an unfamiliar location, the quality of the care is the primary concern. Our Medical Concierge program is designed to provide critical information on provider ratings, treatment outcome and cost of care prior to receiving medical treatment. A personal Medical Concierge assigned to clients requiring substantial medical attention will review specific non-emergency medical conditions and provide complete information on provider ratings, past outcomes and general costs – all in the area where the client plans to receive treatment.

IMG’s Medical Concierge helps your client to make an informed decision when seeking medical care within the U.S. Also, he or she can receive a reduction in the deductible for utilizing this unique medical service. This level of individualized service is unmatched in the international arena. Please note due to the high level of data required for this service, Medical Concierge service is restricted to facilities within the U.S.

Medical professionals to coordinate your care

In the event medical care is needed, our on-site clinical staff coordinates with the medical provider and treating facility to respond to the unique needs and circumstances the insured may face. Having provided services in more than 170 countries, IMG professionals are experts at assessing the need for services and ensuring they are delivered in a timely, cost-effective manner.

This individualized approach gives insureds peace of mind knowing that they have experienced, knowledgeable professionals ready to help at a moment’s notice, anywhere around the globe.

International service assistance

IMG’s international services are designed to help each claimant maximize the outcome of their medical care.

  • Access to quality health care worldwide
  • Professionally trained multilingual claims administrators and service professionals with proven international experience
  • Claim inquiries, status of claim information and reimbursement options available online, by phone, fax, email and Live Chat
  • Experienced international currency conversion
  • Claim settlement directly to providers or to the claimant via check or direct deposit
  • Verification of benefits and explanation of benefits to providers

24/7/365 access to information

To help insureds save time managing routine areas of their account, we make it easy for them to get the information they need.

  • MyIMGSM – secure member Web site
  • Online renewals
  • Easy online U.S. and international provider searches
  • Retrieve explanation of benefits
  • Check the status of claims – real time information available
  • Update address information & request ID cards
  • Change your mode of payment
  • Multiple international service and assistance centers
  • Live Chat, email, phone, fax

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